About Delta View

Our History

In 1976, East African immigrants Jane and Amin Devji and their partnership group started what became known as the Ladner Private Hospital, a small nursing home previously known as the Delta Private Hospital. Their original acquisition of the property was inspired by the vision that they believed they could offer a new standard of care if they owned a care facility themselves.

Before coming to Canada, Jane, a Registered Nurse by trade was working in Nairobi’s Kenyatta Hospital Pediatrics Unit while her husband Amin, was an employee of the BBC working in communications. After immigrating to Canada in 1975, and working for other employers, an opportunity arose to acquire a small private nursing home in East Delta BC. After settling into the newly branded Ladner Private Hospital, The Devji’s and their partners immediately began renovations on the building. Anxious to improve the facility, they soon added a full service kitchen as well as an additional wing to better serve their tenants.

In 1990, Jane, Amin and their sons set about to build Delta Habilitation Center, an 80 bed purpose built dementia care facility. Here residents with Alzheimer’s and other progressive dementia’s are cared for by professional specially trained staff in the unique and acclaimed methods to ensure comfort and well being.

Almost immediately after opening their doors, the Deltaview brand began making a name for itself and the level of care they offered. From previous experiences with the Ladner Private Hospital as well as word of mouth, their reputation became well known. Even the staff became more of a family together than simply employees of an organization.

Looking to the future, Deltaview had chosen to redevelop their original 65 bed Ladner Private Hospital facility, in order to give their residents a more spacious comfortable luxurious home-like feel. They wanted to create a place where they themselves and their family would be happy to reside one day. The result was the 212 Delta View bed Life Enrichment Centre.

Through their contract with Fraser Health, Deltaview Life Enrichment Centre not only provides funded complex care to 150 residents, but also had begun offering peritoneal dialysis through specialized state of the art facilities built into 12 of their patient’s rooms. They have even built an entire 9-bed wing equipped to offer hemodialysis to those living in the area. The hemodialysis wing has yet to be approved for usage and sits empty waiting to offer services to those that would otherwise have to journey into Vancouver, Surrey or Richmond for treatment.

While Jane takes on the role of the Administrator and figurehead of the organization, her husband Amin takes a more behind the scenes role, as the Head of Operations. Salim completed his degree in computer sciences and works with his father to keep the technical aspects of the facility running smoothly. After studying business and hospital administration, Aly began focusing his attention on the human resources and administration aspects while working hand in hand with his mother.

‘Our facility has been recognized and commended for providing our residents with exceptional physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional care in surroundings that allow them to live, despite their diminished capacities, with dignity and respect.’ The staff at Delta View are committed to providing resident focused care and creating moments of joy for the people they care for each day. Our staff care from the heart and want to make a difference in the lives of the residents they care for.

We are proud to have such a committed team of staff to help enrich the lives of those we serve.

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