About Delta View

Our Philosophy

Delta View Campus of Care has a commitment to provide quality care to all our residents. We believe in a holistic approach to caring for our residents by providing the best physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care in a home-like environment. We strongly believe in and abide by the Resident’s Bill of Rights.

In all that we do at Delta View, we seek to fulfill our philosophy and goal that all persons should live in dignity and safety in the least restrictive environment possible. We care for our residents in a nurturing environment where they are assisted to achieve the highest possible level of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual functioning.

We value the unique feelings and capabilities of each of our residents. We believe each resident is entitled to maximizing their functional ability and maintain self-esteem and dignity. We strive to maximize the functioning of each person by focusing on his or her strengths, abilities and interests and by creating a helpful, non-stressful, supportive environment.

For more than two decades, Delta View has maintained a least restraint policy. We preserve a “Hugs, not Drugs” policy, having proven repeatedly that removing sources of patient fear and anxiety in many instances produces better behavioural results than medication. These and other treatment protocols are prescribed by the Gentlecare program, in which our staff is professionally trained. The Gentlecare philosophy focuses on adjusting the organizational environment in which the resident must operate, and then developing a supportive living space to accommodate the resident in their current functioning capacity. This avoids challenging residents to adapt to or perform in ways that are no longer possible.

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