Dementia Care

Delta View has the knowledge, skills, environment, and philosophy to accommodate residents with dementia.

The Delta View team has an extensive amount of experience working with older adults and especially with dementia care. Staff are continually supported to enhance their understanding of dementia and to utilize the most recent evidence-based practice. Delta View supports an interdisciplinary approach to care and includes families as a paramount part of a resident’s care team. Also, Delta View’s leadership and many key staff members have completed Fraser Health Authority’s person-centred dementia care education series The Caring Journey.

Not only does our staff have the knowledge to accommodate residents with dementia, but also a multitude of skills and resources. For instance, residents with dementia are regularly provided music therapy by trained music therapists; music is hard-wired for memory in the human mind and memory for music and lyrics to songs often survives the progression of dementia long after other short and long term memories are lost. Music therapy is built to create opportunities for moments of joy through social connection and individual expression, often without the need for language. When a supportive environment for musical expression is created by the music therapist, the minds, bodies, spirits and memories of residents are enriched.

In addition, physiotherapy and rehabilitation are able to assess residents for their physical abilities and set goals for maintenance and improvement of physical function which may have declined with the progression of dementia. Maintenance of physical ability creates a sense of personal wellness, independence, efficacy, and ability essential to every person.

Recreation Therapy is another resource that provides residents with dementia a quality of life. Our Recreation Therapists offer a wide range of activities from orientation to time and place, stimulation of the senses and physical relaxation. Cognitive stimulation games, reminiscence activates, therapeutic physical fitness programs, and social dining events are just a small sample of our recreational programs.

Furthermore, Delta View attends to the whole person, including the human quest for meaning, value and transcendence in life by providing Spiritual Care. In the course of supporting our residents in their spiritual lives, our Director of Spiritual Care offers hope, provides encouragement, promotes residents’ professed values and helps them to achieve wellbeing and contentment.

Delta View has been decorated and styled to feel “home-like”. Its hallways are wide and wheelchair accessible. The continuous circular pathways are conducive to residents who are inclined to wander. Each room has a shadow box outside the door with the resident’s picture and items reflective of their personality to assist in locating their room. Each Home includes a court yard or outdoor patio and the campus includes multiple gardens, fountains, and benches for residents to take in the fresh air.

Delta View strives to maintain a person-centred approach to care and follow the Gentlecare philosophy. A person-centred approach aims to see the person with dementia as an individual, rather than focusing on their illness or on abilities they may have lost. Instead of treating the person as a collection of symptoms and behaviours to be controlled, person-centred care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs. Person-centred care also means treating residents with dementia with dignity and respect.

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