Residential Care

Residential Care is provided at both Delta View Life Enrichment Centre as well as Delta View Habilitation Centre. Residential Care is generally consider for adults who needs 24-hour nursing care, personal care assistance, and support. Typically residential care services are for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home because of their complex health care needs. At Delta View, our two buildings are divided into 10 different Homes that represent a general level of cognitive, mobility, and social needs. Residents can also move internally within the 10 Homes to one that is the “best fit” as their needs change.

Residents are cared for by an interdisciplinary team including a Physician, Director of Care, Care Coordinators, Register Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses, Care Aides, a Dietitian, Recreation Therapists, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Assistants, Pharmacists, a Spiritual Care Coordinator, a Social Worker, the Management Team, the Administration Team, dietary aides, maintenance, housekeepers, and volunteers.

Optional additional services include access to a dental hygienist, dentist, optometrist, foot care nurse, hair salon, and reflexology.

Residential Care can be accessed through a Fraser Health Authority Home and Community Care Case Manager or privately through the Delta View Admissions Coordinator.


Respite provides caregivers with a much-needed break from the emotional and physical demands of caring for a relative or friend while the resident can socialize in a safe and caring environment. Each respite guest at Delta View will enjoy a private furnished room, although a shared room may be available if desired. Respite residents are able to take advantage of all the supports, care, and services as the long-term residents such as 24 hour nursing care, assistances with activities of daily living, recreational activities, physiotherapy, and nutritious meals. Respite can be accessed through a Fraser Health Authority Home and Community Care Case Manager or privately through the Delta View Admissions Coordinator. Introduction and Guide to Delta View’s Respite Program


Provisions have been made within Delta View to provide comprehensive rehabilitation following such acute procedures as knee or hip surgery or for patients requiring post-stroke rehabilitation. At present, individuals needing such services are often occupying acute beds in public hospitals, which are urgently needed for patients requiring medical care.

By staying at Delta View during their course of rehabilitation, program participants and permanent residents alike would have access to longer periods of programming every day of the week. For rehabilitation-specific clients this means a speedier recovery and return home. A full exercise room is already incorporated into the building.

Palliative & End of Life Care

Palliative Care is a special approach that focuses on improving comfort and quality of life for residents and their families as they face a life-threatening illness or death. When a patient reaches the time of needing palliative, but not acute care, we can provide it in a quiet, safe and supportive environment.

Staff members with special palliative care training give gentle, respectful medical and emotional care to our residents who are spending their last days with us and understanding and support to their families and close friends.

Renal Dialysis

Delta View is equipped to install nine haemodialysis stations capable of providing 36 four-hour sessions per day on nine machines. This $500,000 investment would relieve the substantial backup presently existing in the public healthcare system. It would further ensure that residents needing this treatment could receive it without the present inconvenience and exhausting of having to leave the building several times a week to attend a four-hour hospital-based appointment. The funding and operation of the treatment centre is dependent on approval by the regional health authority within which Delta View is located.

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