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This Month at Delta View…

With Spring around the corner we are looking forward to many exciting activities!

The Recreation Team invites you to join us for the following special events this March:


Dr. Silverman Concert


On Monday March 3rd Doctor Silverman, a concert Pianist, will be playing in DVH at 1:30pm and in DVLEC at 2:30pm in the multipurpose room.


Pub Socials


Starting this March, on the first and third Tuesday of the month, we will be holding a Pub Social in the multipurpose room at 3pm with musical stylings from Tito Bernardino.


Mike’s Critters


On Tuesday March 11th at 3pm Mike and his Critters will be joining us in the multipurpose room for an interactive experience with exotic animals.


St. Patrick’s Day


This march 17th at 10:30am in the multipurpose room The Fraser Valley Irish Dance Group will be performing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


Birthday Party


On Tuesday March 25th at 3pm we will be celebrating all of the March Birthdays in the multipurpose room.


Dinner and a Movie night


On Wednesday March 26th we will be holding our first Dinner and a Movie Night. Dinner will be served at 4:45 in the multipurpose room with a movie to follow in the theatre. There will be a limited number of tickets available at the front desk, beginning March 1st and will be sold until March 19th. Limit one guest per resident.


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